Japan-Berkeley Symposium on Local Public Economics

Tuesday, February 13, 2007
UC Berkeley Faculty Club

Symposium Agenda

This symposium convened an international colloquium of academic experts on local public economics. Panels addressed current theory and empirical explorations relating to budgeting and finance, fiscal analysis, and the regional economics of innovation. The symposium was sponsored by the Berkeley Program on Housing and Urban Policy. 

Symposium Papers and Talks (for download)

Japanese Fiscal Burdens and Generational Accounting.
By Satoko Maekawa (Kansai University)

Fiscal Realities: Budget Tradeoffs in State and Local Government.
By Tracy Gordon (Public Policy Institute of California)

Innovation and Imitation Across Jurisdictions.
By Amitai Glazer (UC Irvine) and Hiroki Kondo (Shinshu University)

Soft-Budget Constraints and Local Expenditures.
By Takero Doi (Keio University) and Toshihiro Ihori (University of Tokyo)

Urban Extremism.
Jan K. Brueckner and Amitai Glazer (UC Irvine)

Urbanization, Productivity and Innovation: Evidence From Investment in Higher Education.
By Roland Andersson (Royal Institute of Technology), John M. Quigley (UC Berkeley), and Mats Wilhelmsson (Royal Institute of Technology)

Fiscal Decentralization and Educational Performance.
By Nobuo Akai (University of Hyogo), Masayo Sakata (Osaka International University), and Ryuichi Tanaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)



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