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The Berkeley Program on Housing and Urban Policy acts as a clearninghouse for a limited number of summer internships for professional students between their first and second years of graduate study at Berkeley. Internship opportunities are directed primarily toward graduate students in business, city and regional planning, and public policy who are pursuing studies on housing and urban policy topics. The placements are in private firms, nonprofit organizations and government agencies in housing and related fields. Past summer internships have included positions with Union Bank, California Center for Land Recycling/CALPERS, Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, and the Corporation for Supportive Housing.  Internships may spawn collaborations leading to sustained employment throughout the following school year and projects for theses and class papers.

The links on this page provide information on internships for Summer 2012.

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The Berkeley Program on Housing and Urban Policy seeks sponsors for graduate student internship placements for Summer 2012. We will advertise such positions broadly to graduate students in professional programs in city planning, public policy, and business, focusing particularly on those expressing special interest in housing, community development and urban policy issues.

Candidates may be available as early as mid-May for projects lasting throughout the summer. Sometimes these internships spawn collaboration during the following school year and beyond. Our candidates are typically eager, hard-working individuals who will make real contributions to your pending and ongoing projects.

Please contact us by April 1, 2012 if your organization has interest in hiring UC Berkeley grad students for internship positions. Briefly indicate the nature of the project, the salary range you can offer, and contact information. Position announcements attached to your email in .doc or .pdf format are most welcome. We will list all internship positions we receive in a password-protected job-posting made available only to our affiliate schools and departments on campus.

We are happy to advertise positions which offer no salary (i.e., only mentoring and project support), but please keep in mind that paid internships are more likely to attract top candidates. In response to the frequently asked question, "How much salary should we offer?": one benchmark is the graduate student research positions available on campus, for which salaries range from about $16.75/hour (entry-level) up to $22.25/hour and more (more experienced).


We anticipate posting internship positions for Summer 2012 in the spring. If you wish to be notified, contact us via email and you will be added to our 2012 distribution list.
Download Sample List of Internship Sponsors [from Summer 2011] (Password Protected)

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