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"Homelessness in California" Report Released, October 31, 2001

"Homelessness in California," a report authored by BPHUP Director John M. Quigley, BPHUP affiliated faculty member Steven Raphael, and Professor Eugene Smolensky of the Goldman School of Public Policy, was released by the Public Policy Institute of California October 31, 2001.

"Homelessness in California" utlilizes a variety of data sources to demonstrate that gaps in housing affordability and widening income disparities are strongly associated with homelessness rates.  The findings suggest that homelessness may be more responsive to housing subsidy policies than previously understood.

"Housing affordability is strongly associated with the level of homelessness. In our analysis, it greatly outweighs other causes, including personal disabilities and the deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill," Quigley said.   "This is important because it means that homelessness in California could be reduced by adding to the stock of housing accessible to the poor."

"Homelessness in California" may be downloaded directly from this link.

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