Housing Markets and the Economy.
edited by Edward L. Glaeser and John M. Quigley, 2009
Cambridge, MA: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

The Housing Policy Revolution.
by David J. Erickson, 2009
Washington, DC: Brookings Institution

Risking House and Home: Disasters, Cities and Public Policy
John M. Quigley and Larry A. Rosenthal, eds.
Berkeley: Berkeley Public Policy Press, 2008

  1. Introduction: Disasters, Cities, Public Policy
    by John M. Quigley and Larry A. Rosenthal
  2. Public vs. Private Underwriting of Catastrophe Risk: Lessons from the California Earthquake Authority
    by George Zanjani
  3. Financing Catastrophe Insurance: A New Proposal
    by Dwight Jaffee and Thomas Russell
  4. Reflections on US Disaster Insurance Policy for the 21st Century
    by Howard Kunreuther
  5. Obstacles to Clear Thinking about Natural Disasters: Five Lessons for Policy
    by Alan Berger, Carolyn Kousky and Richard Zeckhauser
  6. Macroeconomic Impacts of Catastrophic Events: The Influence of Resilience
    by Adam Rose
  7. Hurricane Katrina: Catastrophic Impacts and Alarming Lessons
    by Kathleen Tierney
  8. Economic Resilience, Fiscal Resilience, and Federalism: Evidence from 9/11
    by Howard Chernick and Andrew F. Haughwout
  9. The Economic Impacts of Alternative Terrorist Attacks on the Twin Ports of Los Angeles-Long Beach
    by Harry W. Richardson, Peter Gordon, James Moore, Jiyoung Park, and Qisheng Pan
  10. Socioeconomic Differences in Household Automobile Ownership Rates: Implications for Evacuation Policy
    by Alan Berube, Elizabeth Deakin and Steven Raphael

Public Policy and the Income Distribution.
by Alan Auerbach, David Card, and John M. Quigley eds., 2006.
New York: Russell Sage.

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by John M. Quigley and Eugene Smolensky, 2000.
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The Economics of Housing, Vols. I & II.
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[International Library Of Critical Writings In Economics].

Disaster Hits Home: New Policy for Urban Housing Recovery.
by Mary C. Comerio, 1998.
Berkeley: University of California Press.

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