Berkeley Program on Housing and the Urban Policy

Berkeley Symposium on
Real Estate, Catastrophic Risk, and Public Policy

Thursday, March 23, 2006
Alumni House, UC Berkeley

Symposium Agenda and Abstracts

Commemorating the centennial of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, the symposium aimed to advance the social science research agenda and public policy discourse developing in the wake of recent disaster experience in the US and abroad. Invited papers covered a broad range of topics, including insurance and finance, macroeconomic impacts, disaster preparedness and relief, survivability of transportation and communications grids, housing market effects, social history of earthquakes and other disasters, and risk management and mitigation policy. 

Symposium Papers and Talks (for download)

Floods, Fires, Earthquakes and Pine Beetles: JARring Actions and Fat Tails, by Richard Zeckhauser, Harvard University.   [ppt]

Has the Time Come for Comprehensive Natural Disaster Insurance? by Howard Kunreuther, University of Pennsylvania.   [pdf]

Public Versus Private Underwriting of Catastrophic Risk: Lessons from the California Earthquake Authority, by George Zanjani, Federal Reserve Bank of New York.   [pdf]

Macroeconomic Impacts of Catastrophic Events: The Influence of Resilience, by Adam Rose, Pennsylvania State University.   [pdf]

Hurricane Katrina: Catastrophic Impacts and Alarming Lessons, by Kathleen Tierney, University of Colorado.   [pdf]

Economic Resilience, Fiscal Resilience and Federal Resilience: Evidence from 9-11, by Howard Chernick [Hunter College] and Andrew F. Haughwout [Federal Reserve Bank of New York].   [pdf]

The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks on the Twin Ports of Los Angeles-Long Beach, by Peter Gordon, James Moore, Jiyoung Park, Harry W. Richardson [University of Southern California], and Qisheng Pan [Texas Southern University].   [pdf]

Socioeconomic Differences in Household Automobile Ownership Rates: Implications for Evacuation Policy, by Steven Raphael [University of California, Berkeley] and Alan Berube [Brookings Institution].   [pdf]


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